Sweeping Changes to the Property Tax System beginning in 2020


With the passage of Senate Bill 2, and other legislative bills, Texas will see a reformed
system in 2020. Most of these changes are property owner and taxpayer friendly.
For those persons that make decisions of your values in formal hearings on property tax
protests, the Appraisal Review Board (ARB) members, must now undergo additional mandatory
training and are limited to serving 6 years.

Now, taxpayers can request the information that the appraisal district will present at the
hearing for no charge. It used to be that appraisal districts could charge you up to $1 a page.
Always ask for this information. If you do, they are prevented from using any other information
than what was provided to you.

Fear no more about the ARB possibly increasing your value above the noticed value in a
hearing – it is no longer possible.

Own several properties and don’t want to have to keep coming back to the appraisal
district for hearings? Now, you can request that up to 20 may all be heard on the same day.
Additionally, Senate Bill 2 deleted the provision in existing law which gave preference to
the opinions of an appraisal district employee in a lawsuit appealing the property valuation.
As far as timing goes, appraisal district’s are now prevented from holding hearings on
Sundays and after 7pm on all other days.

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