Who We Are

brandonWe possess vast advocacy skills who aggressively fight to reduce over-valued and unequally appraised property. Our team has dramatically reduced property tax liability for our clients at the initial protests, and when necessary, all the way through trial verdicts.

We are founded upon a core belief that success is engendered by long-term, positive relationships. We strive to earn the trust of our clients through professional performance, dedication and integrity. Through our many years of legal and tax experience, superior market knowledge and aggressive negotiating techniques, we are humbled that most of our clients have been associated with us for many years.

Our services are not available for every property owner.

Our expertise, time and resources are reserved only for the representation of high-end properties.  Our model focuses on personal attention to each of our clients, developers, commercial, industrial, REITs, and high-end homeowners, every step of the way.

The higher your property tax bill, the bigger your need to hire the expertise and background necessary to fight the hard fight. We are highly effective and we get results.

We know Property Tax Law. Brandon Barchus, is one of only .000002% of Texas lawyers who is also qualified as a Texas Senior Property Tax Consultant. You need to utilize the very best resources available to ensure your properties are reduced to fair value and are equally appraised. Don’t put yourself at risk of having an inexperienced advocate on your behalf.

Traditionally, property owners use tax consultants to do the initial protest and separately employed attorneys at the trial level. Some tax consultant firms get you to agree that you will pay them to engage an attorney to represent you.  We set out to change this antiquated model and put more tax savings in your hands.

Stop thinking about the property tax process in segregated parts.  Instead, your focus should be on fluidity with your eyes on the overall goal: lowering your property tax liability. We create additional leverage that is not present in the current protest model.

We offer you an inflection point (an event that changes the way we think and act).  The irony is that nothing is happening at the point in time you read this, but this is the very point you must determine whether the future trajectory of your property tax liability is going to head upwards or downwards.

We are innovators in changing the very structure and concept of fighting mass appraisals for high-end properties.  When outside forces challenge the norm, it radically alters the competitive landscape.  However, our unique model is impossible for most property tax consultant firms to duplicate.

Contact us today to see how we can help you get better property tax results. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

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